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I love you all the time is a fantastic story book app, where the name of this app say’s it all. It’s a literary and poetic declaration of love from parents to their children. The cute and loving story has been illustrated with a caring family of bears and every page is filled with loving energy and a kiss from the parents to their children.Even if us hardworking parents are at work, or busy talking on the phone, even if we are telling you off for misbehaving and saying “No!” again – we love our kids at all times. This exact feeling is being communicated towards kids, with this heartwarming and beautiful kids story book app. The awesome illustrations are also interactive, with many animated details and sound effects -great! The text really invites us to read it, as every read out word is colourfully highlighted. Of course younger kids can listen to the attractive voice of the narrator and have the story read out to them. Kids can also listen and sing along to the suitable song, which is included to this story book app as an extra. This story book offers many other interesting features such as: If you want to read the story out to your kids yourself, you can simply record your voice with the integrated recorder and give the story a special and personal touch. Perhaps you are already familiar with the story, as the story book app is based on the same-named actual children’s book, by the authors: Jennifer Elin Cole, Jessica Elin Hirschman and Bonnie Bright (Illustrator).
I love you all the time is a beautiful and somewhat different children’s story book app, which should not be missing in your kids apps collection. Instead of listening and reading the same fairy tales all the time, kids can finally hear a loving and wonderful true story, one of the most real stories of all times: the love between parents and their children.

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Top best apps for kids rating: 5 star kids app!

“Highly Recommended…should be the standard of children’s storybook apps…one of my top 5…”

CAMILA AMANDA of raves about I Love You All The Time for the iPad. “I know that we have reviewed plenty of book apps on our blog, but I Love You All The Time is definitely in my top five…polished presentation. The illustrations are lovely, the animations light but delightful, and the music soothing. The customization options are well implemented and should be the standard of children’s storybook apps.” Read the full review here: says 4. 5 out of 5 stars, delightful

“What we love…delightful digital rendition of the story complete with the ability to record your own pages, bright illustrations and word highlighting to make it easy for early readers to follow along…” Read the full review here: