I Love You All the Time – APPreciation
By Cookie Bear Press, Inc.
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APPreciation This app has been a favorite book in our home for years and it was a WONDERFUL surprise for both boys to see their favorite book now an app, it simply amazed them! Just as I had thought, it was requested at bedtime from my 3 year old and has remained engaged throughout the day. He has already put his request in for the app to be his bedtime story again tonight. He simply can’t get enough of it! It always warms my heart to see his sweet smiles, get his tight hugs and receive those looks he gives me with those loving eyes while we engage in this app. Although we now have the app, the book is one if his “must have” books during road trips. My now 6 yr old always carried it with him as well during his younger years. The book will always be a true treasure in our house. As a parent, it is so nice to see the same love for the same book passed between brothers!

As a parent of 2 budding readers, I always appreciate text highlighting, also, a tap on the paragraph after it has been read will replay the paragraph again, such a wonderful educational feature! The narration is top notch, the navigation is child friendly and the amount of interactions are perfect! It is a heartwarming bedtime story filled with positive sights and words.

Being very familiar with the book version of this story, I must say, I am amazed at the quality of this app, given that the price is only $1.99. The features are outstanding and really add to the overall quality of the app! The ability to record your own voice is priceless. The menu, which allows my little guys to find their favorite page with ease is appreciated. I also love the customizable feature that allows you to add your child’s name in the last sentence, as do my boys, I added both their names! The included song is genius and my little guy loves it! He and I have been practicing it throughout the day. Needless to say, the song is as heartwarming as the story. My thanks to the developer for developing a stellar app, all of your hard work is truly appreciated! I have a very special place in my heart for this app. It has great replay value, is family friendly, fun and educational, therefore I would HIGHLY recommend this wonderful app!
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