Help Cookie Bear Press, Inc. support Sandy Hook Elementary School families

Today, December 21, 2012, marks a week of sadness and loss for Sandy Hook Elementary school families that no parent or sibling should ever know. More so, it brings the unwanted reminder that time moves on, promising to replace shock and horror with a seemingly unbearable reality. As the unwelcomed permanence takes hold, Cookie Bear Press, Inc. wants to ensure these families have access to the support and counseling they may seek tomorrow, next month, or any time. We are donating copies of our children’s book, “ I Love You All The Time” and want to do more. So, in the spirit of the six words in our title, we will donate $0.50 from each download of the “I Love You All The Time” iPad App to Newtown charities* now through January 1, 2013 (

If you choose to participate by downloading “I Love You All The Time” to your iPad, we invite you to “Like” us on FB ( and share something that touched you, as a result of exploring the App, as a piece of reassurance for these families. We will include a copy of each message and add an additional nickel per message to the final donation.

Some quarters, maybe a dime, a nickel here and there, it sounds like loose change until you think globally—with your help, we will raise thousands for Newtown Youth and Family Services and Newtown Parent Connection between now and January 1, 2013!!

To preview the story before downloading,

*Newtown Youth and Family Services:

*Newtown Parent Connection:

“Highly Recommended…should be the standard of children’s storybook apps…one of my top 5…”

CAMILA AMANDA of raves about I Love You All The Time for the iPad. “I know that we have reviewed plenty of book apps on our blog, but I Love You All The Time is definitely in my top five…polished presentation. The illustrations are lovely, the animations light but delightful, and the music soothing. The customization options are well implemented and should be the standard of children’s storybook apps.” Read the full review here: says 4. 5 out of 5 stars, delightful

“What we love…delightful digital rendition of the story complete with the ability to record your own pages, bright illustrations and word highlighting to make it easy for early readers to follow along…” Read the full review here: HIGHLY RECOMMENDS I Love You All The Time

“I Love You All the Time is a classic book in any format. This beautiful digital translation for the iPad brings delightful interactive elements for little fingers to play with while reading this timeless tale about how those we love are in our hearts no matter what we are doing or how far away we might be. The light animation and digital enhancements are perfect for the toddler set. Highly Recommended!”
Children’s iPad Book Reviews, Kid-tested, Mom-approved!

Top 5 iOS App of the Week 12/5/12 aggregates professional iOS and Mac app review scores from around the web into AppScores for all apps in the App Store.  As part of this they do a weekly series that takes a look at all apps released the week two to three weeks prior (so reviews have time to come in) and this week I Love You All The Time came in tied for second with an AppScore of 90 out of 100. If you get a chance, take a look at the article:

Five Stars from Best Apps for Kids

” Love You All The Time is an excellent book app with high quality features, and includes multiple educational and entertainment options. This is an app I can see being long-lasting on a family’s iPadI Love You All The Time does contain a couple of external links; however, they can be protected quickly by an option in the settings menu. This lovely little app does not contain social media, in-app purchases or ads. Bravo to the developer! What a lovely and safe environment for our children to enjoy.”
Read full review here: bestappsforkids: